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As a trusted Oracle Cloud solutions implementation advisor, Alithya applies proven methodologies and past successes to deliver mission-critical Oracle Cloud HCM functionality for mid-sized organizations, enabling them to better attract, develop, and retain talent.  And Alithya’s HCM Center of Excellence ensures a smooth, productive, and well-informed experience with numerous resources, including a library of best practices, pre-built configurations, dedicated product managers, former HR practitioners, and more.

As your Oracle Cloud HCM implementation partner, Alithya provides the following during the initial phase:

Core HR (Employee Self-Service, Manager Self-Service, Journeys)

Communicate and Connections

Digital Assistant

Recruiting with Booster

Employee Demographics Integration

Core HR Data Conversion

HR Report Package

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Faster Time-to-Value: Rapid implementations aim to get your system up and running as quickly as possible, allowing you to start reaping the benefits of Oracle Cloud HCM sooner.

Cost-Efficiency: By streamlining the implementation process with Oracle HCM Now, you can more quickly unify your back-office functions, eliminate third-party tools and integrations, and realize those benefits on the bottom line.

Proven Methodology: Partnering with Alithya to Implement Oracle Cloud HCM ensures that best practices and industry standards are applied, maximizing the benefits of the technology for organizations in any industry.

Talent Management: Oracle Cloud HCM is known for its robust talent management capabilities, helping you attract, develop, and retain top talent in your organization. Rapid implementation during the initial phase can accelerate the time it takes to attract and hire the right people into your organization, and future phases will enable you to leverage additional talent modules to develop and retain valuable employees.

Oracle named a leader for the eighth consecutive year

Oracle has been named a leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for cloud HCM suites for 1,000+ employee enterprises for its product Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. Most notably, Oracle boasts the most complete vision of all HCM solution providers.

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Oracle HCM Now is a prescriptive path to help organizations connect every HR process and person across the business with a complete suite of solutions that can be adopted in stages as the business grows. This unique offering of the Oracle Cloud HCM suite accelerates time-to-value, quickly delivering best practice solutions you need to drive success. By leveraging rapid deployment tools, we can eliminate complexity, reduce implementation timelines, and minimize disruption for your teams.